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About England's Pride Cleaning
Bonita Springs & Naples Florida

England’s Pride Cleaning Services is a licensed and insured company owned and operated by Tony and Samantha Banks and assisted by a fantastic team of committed staff.

As the name implies we are English and we made the decision to move to Naples, a decision that held many changes in store. Having had the experience of creating and building a successful business together in the UK, we knew that the opportunities here in Southwest Florida would be endless.

We could not have been more right! With sheer passion, commitment and dedication to service, we are pleased to say that we have created a company that provides a truly royal experience and service to its discerning clients. What is a service provider? It’s a philosophy that directs the way we run our business to go above and beyond what our customers expect.

You see, we are in service in every sense and it is that belief that makes us so successful. We know that in order for our clients to be in their space in peace and abundance that we have to create an environment of harmony. If a property is dirty and untidy it will not have harmony and its people will not be able to create their ideal surroundings. It is a very simple concept with huge results.


Our primary objective is to make our customers happy and ensure their 100% satisfaction. Sometimes this means doing little extra things when time permits or being available around the clock. It’s also about providing all the services our customers need under one roof, and outsourcing to our most trusted sub-contractors and providers. We operate with the utmost professionalism, with flexibility and most importantly, doing the job right each and every time. It is also a reason why our customers do not hesitate to recommend us to their friends and family.

Our Cleaning Services are Unconditionally Guaranteed!
Complete our free, no obligation online request for quote or call us at 239-272-5168. We are happy to help.

We serve Naples & Bonita Springs
Southwest Florida

Naples: 34110, 34119,34108, 34109, 34103, 34105, 34116, 34104, 34102, 34112, 34113,
Bonita Springs; 34133, 34134, 34135, 34136

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